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Month: February 2021

By Serbino Sandifer-Walker, Texas Southern University Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth said while she feels a great sense of accomplishment being elected the first African American female to the clerk’s office, she wants her success to inspire others to consider running for public office. “It feels amazing, but now that I’ve made history…we must continue […]

By Serbino Sandifer-Walker  Texas Southern University Deep in the heart of the Texas town of Rosenberg, there’s a cowboy named Larry Callies who has turned his passion and reverence for Texas history into a life-long mission; a mission to educate the world about Black cowboys through a museum he founded in 2017. Tucked almost unnoticeably […]

By Lydia Dillard, Texas Southern University After spending 18 and ½ years in a Texas prison and 12 of those years on death row for a crime he did not commit, Anthony Graves relentlessly fights for a fair justice system while serving his community and recently starting a position in the Harris County Public Defender’s […]

By Kennedi Robinson, Texas Southern University Going from just a settlement to becoming the “Black Wall Street” of Houston, Freedmen’s Town stands as the “Mother Ward” of the city in the Fourth Ward community. The historic hometown ensures that the stories and heritage of our ancestors are never dismissed. When the emancipation of slaves finally […]

By Breyia Walker, Texas Southern University In March 2019, Kamala Harris’ campaign stump speech mesmerized Houston’s Harris supporters. What the audience didn’t know at the time was that this would become a historic moment in Harris County history; they were in the presence of the future first female vice president of the United States. “This […]

By Chandrelle Lazard, Texas Southern University HOUSTON – Texas Southern University sophomore Jillian Hill returns to the highly decorated corridors of Hannah Hall, one of the first buildings on TSU’s campus. She reflects on the history and stories the strokes of paint inspire. Hill’s passion for art began as a little girl and has grown to […]

By Chandrelle Lazard, Texas Southern University In a time when our mobile devices, television and movie screens are filled with images of people with superhuman abilities performing heroic feats that change the world, it is easy to forget that there have been those who have walked among us every day, who have also done some […]

By Kennedi Robinson, Texas Southern University The mighty Ocean of Soul Marching Band, known for its captivating field show performances, precise drills, high knees, and harmonious sound, holds a special place in the heart of Texas Southern University as well as the Third Ward community. The band is a showpiece for the university, while allowing […]

By Breyia Walker, Texas Southern University Referred to as the most prolific activist in the fight against world hunger, late Congressman Mickey Leland stopped at nothing to supply food and healthcare to famished people around the world. Congressman Leland lived and breathed philanthropy and his contributions to society sustain admiration throughout the world. Born in […]

By Lydia Dillard, Texas Southern University As the world continues to grow and display vast technological change, Texas Southern University adapts and prepares its students for the inevitable. The School of Communication has a history of which many people are unaware. In fact, TSU developed the very first public School of Communication in Houston in […]