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Black History

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By Kennedi Robinson, Texas Southern University Dr. Dianne Jemison-Pollard holds a near and dear place in the heart of Texas Southern University. Jemison-Pollard’s infectious spirit and creative successes have opened many doors and allowed her to partake in numerous opportunities around the world as well as on the university’s campus. With more than 40 years […]

By Lydia Dillard, Texas Southern University Texas Southern University is home to its very own museum, which showcases artwork and artifacts from Black history. The University Museum resides on campus alongside the Tiger Walk, and the exhibition is open to students and the public. The museum is also home to many of Houston’s local artists. […]

Entrepreneur Marcus Davis is the definition of what it means to be a jack of all trades. As a pillar of his community, he has not only provided authentic Southern cuisine and atmosphere, but he has also been a role model. As a Houstonian, his roots have always been in the Third Ward community and […]

By Breyia Walker, Texas Southern University Break out your trench coats and knitted scarves. The forecast predicts there is going to be “Wend,” and lots of it. Fashion executive Wendy Franklin has manifested her elite experiences in the fashion industry through two concepts — consistency and passion. Her passion for fashion has landed her positions […]

By Chandrelle Lazard, Texas Southern University Like a rose that grows from concrete, Texas Southern University blossomed in the face of adversity. The visionaries of TSU were resilient, steadfast, and dedicated. At the time, TSU Miss Junior Mariah Campbell was undecided about her collegiate intentions. In fact, her high school advisors encouraged her to favor […]

By Kennedi Robinson, Texas Southern University Known for being the founder of the illustrious Wonderland Inc., now known as Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School, Beatrice Mayes has played a key part in serving generations of students in the South Park/Third Ward area. Her passion for bettering education and investing in children’s lives, especially the less […]

By Maiya Turner, Texas Southern University Houstonian Mollie Taylor Stevenson Jr. comes from a family that is built around Western culture. She has lived a very exciting life filled with a journey of exploration, on and off the range as a rancher, cowgirl and historian. On Nov. 9, 2001, history was made. Stevenson and her […]

Kennedi Robinson, Texas Southern University Located in the heart of Third Ward in Houston, Emancipation Park stands proudly as a monument for all African Americans, reflecting the revitalization and resilience of its founders. The park enables individuals to connect to and reflect on the culture of African Americans in their own community. It represents the […]

Native Houstonian Lauren Anderson has flourished in one the most detailed artforms in the world — professional ballet. She is a former principal ballerina of the Houston Ballet, as well as the first African American to be promoted to such a position within the company. Her persistence to excel resulted in a remarkable breakthrough in […]

By Isaiah Robinson, Texas Southern University As she walked on stage, her mocha smooth skin began to illuminate from the stage lighting, the audience instantly gazed at her. The radiation of her light was as of a single lit candle in a dark room. As she began to perform, she commanded and hunted the attention […]