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KTSU2 History

KTSU2 is the only student digital, instructional laboratory of its kind that focuses on meeting the needs of underserved communities in the Houston region through innovative programming. After having extensive meetings with schools and colleges across campus in the “Listen and Learn” sessions, in January 2017, TSU President Dr. Austin Lane assigned Interim Dean Dr. Reza Poudeh to chair a planning committee to develop a proposal to create an all student run digital station. The committee, which was comprised of faculty, staff, students, and KTSU FM staff, drafted a conceptual plan on June 8, 2017. By Fall 2018, the plan was finalized by SOC Dean Dr. Maurice Odine.  KTSU2 officially launched on February 19, 2019, under the leadership of Interim Dean Dr. Rockelle Brown-Burton .

TSU students at KTSU2 launch Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

In the fall of 2019, SOC expanded KTSU2 to be a multimedia operation that includes digital video with simulcasting capabilities.  SOC will have a newly renovated wing in the MLK building that will serve as an innovation hub for audio, video, and Internet programming production.  This synergy of instructional programming is a win-win for student media education.  Students will produce news, sports, entertainment, music, public affairs, educational, cultural and many other programs.  This initiative is directly linked to the University’s top five priorities: student success and completion of degree plans; developing curricular and programs that are innovative and progressive; creating a student-centered community that is engaged in transformative educational experiences; partnering with stakeholders who can help advance the university’s top priorities; and ensuring transparency and integrity in the use of the school’s financial resources.

KTSU2 launch Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019
KTSU2 Mission

KTSU2 is a student-centered, comprehensive training laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students to gain requisite, hands-on skills in multimodalities that prepares them to compete in a technology driven society as engaged citizens and innovative leaders. 

KTSU2 Goals

The goals of KTSU2 are to prepare students for careers in the digital audio and television/video, multimedia industries; to instill in students writing, analytical and critical thinking skills; to enable students to further develop oral communication skills; to train students in digital audio and video production techniques; to provide students with the real-world experience they need for careers in radio, television and digital media content creation and multimedia production.

Faculty Coordinators

The project coordinator is the chief administrative officer and must demonstrate effective leadership at all times.  The coordinator who is (full-time) will oversee the daily activities of the project and manage student staff. He/she will supervise and coordinate editing, music selection and programming, pre-produced programming, schedules, workflow and student training. This coordinator is to develop staff schedules, maintain project files, participate in appropriate training and serve as a liaison to the Title III office to ensure policies and procedures are being followed. The incumbent will collaborate with the co-coordinator, Dean of the School of Communication, SOC and KTSU FM staff and student staff.

KTSU2 Co-Coordinator

The co-coordinator (25 percent) is to work with students to build writing, editing, and on-air performance skills. He/she is to direct/coordinate access to, and coverage of campus hard/soft news; supervise students’ reportorial initiatives, special reports and help generate story ideas. The incumbent will familiarize students with the Associated Press writing style; producing radio wraparounds (audio storytelling) and or packages (visual storytelling); newscasts; public affairs programs and podcasts; writing web-ready stories and using social media, mobiles, innovation as reporting tools. The co-coordinator will collaborate with the coordinator, Dean of the School of Communication, SOC, KTSU FM staff and students.