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TSU’s 13th President Strives to Achieve “Unprecedented Success” for the Students

Written by on September 29, 2021

By Lydia Dillard

President Lesia L. Crumpton-Young hosted a listening session for Texas Southern University students to join her in a collaborative effort to discuss the future plans and expectations of the school. 

President Crumpton-Young is the 13th president of the University. She has extensive experience in higher education and prides herself as a leader determined to listen to all students. 

“I am the type of leader that likes to listen to others…. I want to hear what you would like to have me focus on as president,” President Crumpton-Young said. 

She’s determined to ensure unprecedented success for the students. She identified success isn’t possible without support. President Crumpton-Young said that there has been an increase in dollars for scholarships, as well as various support programs for the students.

Along with support, President Crumpton-Young wanted to provide a platform for the students to ask her any concerning questions about the institution. 

The open discussion included a survey for the students, where they answered various questions about the University. 

President Crumpton-Young’s listening tour with students.

When asked what students love most about the University, most students spoke about the family-like environment describing it to “feel like home.”

President Crumpoton-Young then opened the floor for students to ask her questions, and express their concerns directly. Students either had the choice to ask her directly verbally or anonymously written on paper. 

An international student expressed her concerns about funding for international students.

“International students don’t get the financial support as our American counterparts do, what would be in place moving forward so international students receive support,” she said. 

President Crumpton-Young identified the issue as something that needs direct attention in order to be improved. 

“We’re going to have to sit down and continue to discuss. Sometimes there are a few difficulties when it comes to using some of our state dollars for our international students, so we’ll have to work through that. We’re going to have to have a conversation on what we’re going to do and how we’re going to support our international students,” she said. 

President Crumpton-Young’s listening tour with students.

An anonymous student asked about future renovations for the school, to which President Crumpton-Young excitedly explained the school’s plans. The school is beginning its renovations on the Terry Library, Lanier East, Lanier West, and the Bell building, she said. 

Another question was asked about how the students can make TSU the best HBCU, to which President Crumpton-Young said, “We have to speak positively about our University… We have to let everybody know about the great things about our institution. And we have to make sure that we’re doing our part so we are living up to being proud tigers.”

President Crumpton-Young’s listening tour with students.

The listening session took place on President Crumpton-Young’s 84th day as President of TSU, Sept. 23. The open discussion was an opportunity for her to explain her plans as well as for students to express their concerns.