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Emmy Award winning producer speaks to TSU students at CommWeek

Written by on April 11, 2023

By Esmeralda Elizondo

Three-time Emmy award-winning producer Kim Gagne spoke to Texas Southern University School of Communication students Monday, March 27, about how to jumpstart their media careers by working behind the scenes and not in front of the camera.

Students had the opportunity to learn what it means to be a producer and to work behind the camera. Gagne said exposing the new generation to other opportunities in the media industry is one of her passions.

“I love producing, and I love to expose young people who may not understand what a producer is. Gagne said. “I can make them see how important a producer is, and it’s not just all about being in front of the camera.”

Kim Gagne, award-winning producer

According to Gagne, a producer coordinates and manages production and talent. In addition, she explained additional off-camera roles. Students said this opened their eyes to the endless opportunities in production.

“I would love to do behind-the-scenes type of work,” TSU Radio, Television, and Film major Nó Pierre said. “Of course, I wouldn’t mind being on the scene. But just knowing that there are more opportunities behind the scenes. I want to learn.”

Gagne also challenged students to think about the bigger picture in their careers. She shared her advice on taking the journey step by step and not rushing the process.

“My biggest takeaway was taking the stairs sometimes and not always taking the elevator,” TSU broadcast journalism major Kaitlyn Scroggins said. “I know that coming out of college, you’re trying to just look for money, but I think as a young person coming out of school, you need to think of the bigger picture of how I am going to build a career.”

Students shared their gratitude for Gagne’s wisdom based on her experience in the industry. COMMWEEK continues throughout the week of March 27. TSU students will have the opportunity to network with more industry leaders, such as Gagne, during CommWeek.

“Seeing Ms. Gagne and hearing about her experience was great,” TSU broadcast journalism major Bradley Clark said. “And I got to work with her last year at an event, learning her wisdom and knowledge; I didn’t want to pass up on seeing her.”

Bradley Clark, KTSU2News reporter

Gagne has worked for local news in Houston and nationally syndicated talk shows, including the Steve Harvey Show.

The School of Communication’s CommWeek is an annual event aimed at connecting students, media professionals, innovators, content creators, and alumni to discuss industry trends, opportunities, advances, and threats. In addition, there are workshops and the Dean’s Stellar Awards to recognize outstanding students’ accomplishments.