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Houston’s own Jade Simmons runs as independent in 2020 presidential election

Written by on July 7, 2020

Independent presidential candidate Jade Simmons

By Isaiah Robinson

HOUSTON—Against the odds, a positive and faith-driven African-American woman is throwing her name in the ring to run for 2020 president as an independent.

Jade Simmons, a woman full of life, love and energy who is looking to bring a new light to the White House.

A vibrant voice for truth on both sides of the playing field, Simmons has a special operation needed to help disperse the division with common ground and understanding; plus, to repair the damage done to the culture of America

Born in Charleston, S.C., Simmons’ mother, a former administrator of higher education, and father, a civil rights activist, provided the mental and spiritual foundations that shaped her into the woman she is.

“My mom and dad were my biggest inspirations,” Simmons said. “My mother was responsible for the level of my faith and how much my devotion impacted my life; for my father, he influenced my world views and the determination to see justice for many people as possible.”

Christianity plays a major factor in Simmons’ presidential campaign, using her faith in the forefront.

“To me, it’s about foundation, when I make decisions, my faith plays a role, not so much of applying biblical tenants though,” Simons said. “My faith developed my character, decision making, caused me to prioritize people first and to lead from a servant based perspective. It’s my compass; it’s the component that allows me to have the greatest empathy for people, even if they don’t believe.”

Even though some question her decision to push religion in her campaign, Simmons feels her faith was politically robbed from her; so, the Houstonian wants to show what it truly means to “be” a Christian.

“I’ve had people come to me and ask me, ‘are you sure you want to push your religion in your campaign?’ But, I feel as if my faith as a Christian has been hijacked,” Simmons said. “To me, I see a reflection of Christianity that looks nothing like what I practice. I’ve seen fellow Christians hide behind party lines and keep silent about things we should be speaking out about,” Simmons said.

Simmons explains why her Christian values ties into the reason she is running as an independent.

“The purpose for me running in general is because I haven’t seen any of these things being said on either side. Honestly, I take the word hijacked seriously because, as a Christian,” Simmons said. “I’m embarrassed how my faith is being represented on both sides. I always knew that if I decided to run, it wouldn’t be either party because I would be choosing between the lesser of two evils.”

Further, the Northwestern alumna looks to be the political fresh air to Americans who are politically homeless and those who are not getting their voices heard.

During the campaign, Simmons believes Americans should expect to see and hear things they haven’t before. 

Although Simmons lacks the political experience, she believes the people love or hate who sit in office is by how their leaders prioritize people over parties.

“I don’t have the political experience however, I will say the people love or hate those in office is based off how they lead us, prioritize and treat us.” Simmons said. “So, I believe the experience I bring to the table may not look like anyone else; nonpartisanship.”

 Simmons represents the muted middle, Americans who feel stuck in the middle of choosing between two major parties who they don’t feel politically safe amongst the two; and are left feeling unheard without a voice to speak for them i.e., politically homeless.

“If we are being honest, one side offers a status qou that’s unsafe for the everyday American that prioritizes stock market and gross domestic product (GDP),” Simmons said. “And on the left, we have a party so split; they’re so many demographics that aren’t serve biased.”

 Simmons campaign slogan, Operation Restoration, aims to thrive on three areas of focus: Pro- Human, Pro-Prosperity and Pro- Protection.

Pro-human aims to give, preserve, and empower life, while refusing to dehumanize people who think, believe or live differently.

Secondly, pro-prosperity aims to put money back into the pockets of hard-working Americans, to reduce out-of-pocket costs of health and child care, deliver aid to the poor, and increase the job potential of those on public assistance. 

 Lastly, pro-protection aims to make Americans  homes, schools, churches, businesses, and streets safer while delivering liberty and justice for all.

“If we want to be able, as Americans, to honor, respect, and trust law enforcement, how can they trust them if the police go low and nothing happens?” Simmons said. “If they’re isn’t consequences, then Americans will continue to avoid the trust in the law enforcement, especially in communities of color.”

Moreover, as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the nation, Simmons believe, if president now, the response she would give to the fear in Americans is that the people shouldn’t be afraid and to not to respond in fear; but to respond with a responsible version of caution  and preparation.

Also, Simmons said her response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to emulate the model of South Korea’s mass testing, which in fact, did not need to issue any shutdown laws throughout the crisis.

Despite the hypotheticals, Simmons knows her path to the White House is knowing Americans will see someone running with them without division and refusing to be drawn to hierarchical parties.

For supporters interested in voting for Simmons, will have vote for her through ballot in some states, but most will have to vote through a registered write-in.

“The reason I am so open with my faith, is for people to see what it’s actually like to live, practice, preach and speak what it looks like to be a Christian and person of faith because theirs power in humility and weakness in pride.”