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Ryan Gallagher says he’s a progressive Republican

Written by on November 4, 2020

Ryan Gallagher

By Maiya Turner

While Harris County is considered a Democratic stronghold, one student at Texas Southern University has allegiance to a different political party.

Ryan Gallagher, a progressive Republican, is a senior at TSU.

He is originally from Atlanta, but calls Houston his home away from home.

He has always seen himself as a progressive and believes that President Trump is the best fit for the country now.

“I just vote for what works best for the country; who I feel like has the best policies, either on the right or left side,” Gallagher said.

The political science major said that President Trump’s position on sensitive issues like race should be carefully evaluated.  He said Trump’s position is often taken out of context.

“I think the rhetoric has been blown out of proportion. He has countless number of times denounced white supremacy and any hate groups that abide in racist tactics,” he said.

Regardless of political affiliation, Gallagher wants TSU students to know it’s important to stay informed and vote.

“I will respect whoever is in as president. Your vote does matter; that is your voice and that is democracy,” Gallagher said, “without it, we would be in a dictatorial government.”

The polls in Harris County closed at 7pm. As the world awaits the results for the next leader of the free world, KTSU2 will keep you updated.