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Josh Molock’s Journey To The SuperBowl

Written by on March 6, 2024

Josh Molock’s Journey To The SuperBowl

Josh Molock’s journey to become the first TSU student to ever cover the Super Bowl

By Bradley Clark

Houston, Texas — Josh Molock did something that some people will never get to do in their entire lifetime, just this year. He covered the Super Bowl.

More specifically, he became the first ever student in the history of Texas Southern University’s School of Communications program to cover the Super Bowl. The move came after Molock worked tirelessly at his craft for 4 years, as he is now a senior student, nearing the end of his time here at TSU. 

“It means a lot because I know I mean I don’t know how many college students that are active college students that are attending the Superbowl in general,” Molock said. “To be an HBCU student is even more special.” 

From an early age, Molock did more than anyone else in the room, making sure that the world could truly see his creativity. 

“I’ve been creative as long as I can remember since I was a kid,” Molock said. “Even just simple projects that we would have to do with school like creating artwork and different things like, I would go above and beyond.”

As Molock grew older, however, he began to slowly develop a love for sports as well, leading him to zero in on working within entertainment. 

“It was either going to be sports, but you could count that as entertainment, or it was going to be entertainment,” Molock said. “Like I didn’t know what it was going to be, I didn’t know if it was going to be singing, I didn’t know if it was going to be being a cameraman or I didn’t know if I would be a TV host. I just knew I wanted to do something in the aspect of the entertainment industry.” 

It is suffice to say that it truly meant the world to Molock when he received the opportunity to work at the Super Bowl, one of the biggest sporting and entertainment events in the world. 

“It means everything,” Molock said. I mean, that’s where I want to be that’s that area. I mean, that arena, that’s where I want to be. The caliber of players, the caliber of entertainment, just the whole Super Bowl experience, that’s where I want to be, that’s where I see myself.”

 Molock has worked intimately with TSU’s sports departments throughout his time here at TSU, which is why getting to work the Super Bowl felt like such a full circle. 

“I’ve been working towards this and then I got the opportunity to see what I could be doing potentially for the rest of my life or a good portion of my life,” Molock said. 

Being in such close contact with so many high-ranking figures within sports and entertainment also served as a source of inspiration and motivation for Molock as well. 

As I’m doing the interview, I’m watching Chuck Liddell walk by, MMA, great. I’m watching Shannon Sharp walk by, I’m watching rap stars like Boosie walk by, I’m watching Cam Newton right next to me, he’s a couple of booths over and he’s doing his whole show,” Molock said. “It’s crazy, and it opens your eyes to how much work goes into it and I feel like I would fit in there. I feel like I work just as hard. It motivates me.” 

As HBCUs like TSU continue to press forward, despite inadequate funding, budget cuts, and an at times uncertain future, Molock hopes that his time at the Super Bowl can serve as a consummate reminder of what an HBCU can and should produce at its absolute peak. 

“I’m an example why schools should be getting, HBCU should be getting funding, because you have students that can, and you give them the opportunity, they will.”