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Texas Southern University’s School Of Communication wins the NBCU Academy Next Level Summit Registration Competition

Written by on April 19, 2024

Texas Southern University students still can’t get over the huge news they received this month. On April 11, TSU was announced as the first-place winner in the March Madness NBCU Academy Next Level Summit Registration contest.

The competition saw TSU compete against 45 schools across the country, that were partnered with NBCU Academy. Whoever registered the most students into the aforementioned program, would win the grand prize, which in this case was a first-place finish.

The announcement itself was made during the NBCU Academy Next Level Summit broadcast, which was live-streamed and shown in front of a live studio audience.

TSU’s monumental win also came after multiple TSU students worked and spoke with NBC anchors in real-time, which was a huge component of the live stream. The live stream and program itself are aimed at helping collegiate journalists improve their communication skills and unlock their true potential.

Senior TSU student Olakunle Awe, who served as a TSU anchor and representative during the program, enjoyed working with industry professionals and broadcasting himself on such a massive stage.

“It was just a good experience. It was fun for everybody, me, the people that were behind me, and all the students that were in attendance,” Awe said.

Senior TSU student Zoria Goodley, who was also an anchor, overcame her nerves and stood strong, to represent her school on the biggest stage.

“I was nervous when I started just hearing everything in my ear. I was kind of nervous, but it was overall an amazing experience and I feel like I did a great job. Me and my peers represented Texas Southern University in the best way,” Goodley said.

Even TSU junior student Erin Slaughter, who was working behind the scenes, felt impacted by the experience.

“It felt like we were working in a real newsroom and we were collaborating with everybody else,” Slaughter said.

TSU SOC Assistant Dean Serbino Sandifer-Walker was overjoyed for her students, and how NBCU Academy has continued to feed into the TSU SOC program. 

“It means so much to our institution. It means so much to our students. We’re learning to be part of a program where our students are reporters,” Walker said.

For TSU SOC Dean Christian Ulasi, TSU’s victory in the registration competition filled him with great pride.

When I was told that we came out number one in terms of participation and registration for students, I mean, it gave me great pride,” Ulasi said. 

Even TSU’s very own president, Mary Evan Sias, chipped in to give her thoughts on the win TSU earned through the NBCU Academy Next Level Summit competition.

“This is yet another great day when TSU students are achieving boldly,” Sias said.

“They had the numbers, they had the talent, and we are very proud of how our students competed. We are number one,” Sias said.

Students in the TSU SOC program will continue to use the resources NBCU Academy has given them to be the best storytellers they can be.