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Some called the first presidential debate un-presidential on Twitter

Written by on September 30, 2020

By Lydia Dillard

Millions of viewers responded to the first 2020 presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden with disappointment.

As the debate started to trend on Twitter, viewers expressed their opinions on the etiquette of the two nominees.

It’s no surprise that President Trump and former Vice President Biden have had it out for each other, but tonight their disdain for one another was apparent.

Phrases such as, “white supremacy”, “clown”, and “please vote” were trending for hours.

 Twitter users expressed dissatisfaction with the performances of both nominees.

 “This debate is (fill in the blank),” Ron Trevino tweeted.

TLynn S chimed in: “Indicative of how far we have fallen in trying to have civil discourse,” criticizing the behavior of both Trump and Biden.

Texas Southern University students also closely watched the debate.

Entertainment, Recording, Management major Jonathan Madden said it was un-presidential.

 “The whole debate was unprofessional and not becoming of anyone trying to run a country,” Madden said.

Trump took personal shots at Biden’s son.

 “Biden allowed Trump to bait him into a conversation about his family,” said Madden, as the debate became more factious and hard to listen to.

Celebrities such as Kerry Washington also tuned in and joined the Twitter timeline.

 “Once again; he refuses to condemn white supremacy. Pay attention folks. Please vote,” Washington tweeted.

Trump downplayed the moderator, FOX’s Chris Wallace’s,  question on race and social justice.

 “This is not a right wing problem, this is a left wing problem,” centering the blame on Democrats.

When the nominees discussed the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump mentioned football.

 “People want their places open. I brought back football,” President Trump said seeming to disregard the real effects of the global pandemic.

 “Did Trump seriously brag about bringing back football when people are dying?” Ellie tweeted.

Biden didn’t appreciate the persistent interruption by Trump during the debate.

 “It’s hard to get any word in with this clown,” Biden said, setting off the word  “clown” to trend on Twitter.

Most viewers were irritated as both Trump and Biden went back and forth. Many viewers tweeted that they never got a clear understanding of the candidates’ positions on the issues due to the constant interruption by Trump.

“Can we just cut the mic’s when the other person is speaking?” @__aadrien


Thus, the first presidential debate of 2020 turned into a spectacle on behavior instead of the issues.  The next presidential debates will be October 15 and October 22.  The vice presidential debate will be October 7.