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Atlanta Rapper T.I. gives back to HBCUs

Written by on December 2, 2022

By Amber Land

Atlanta rapper Clifford, ‘T.I.,’ Harris made a surprise visit to Texas Southern University to announce his partnership with Moolah Wireless and provide free tablets for TSU students.

With T.I.’s help, every student will receive a tablet and 12 months of free wireless internet once they apply.

The ‘Live Your Life’ rapper and Moolah Wireless founder Vernell Woods said it was important to give HBCU students access to quality and affordable internet. Using funding from Federal Communication Commission, the two gifted a device to each student.

T.I. shared the opportunity with TSU because he believed in the CEO’s vision and the company’s long-term benefits for college students.

Trae Tha Truth, a Houston-based rapper known for his philanthropic work around the community, came to show his support of Moolah Wireless and thank T.I. for pouring into the historic University.

“I salute them,” he said, referring to T.I. and Woods “They doing things that in the era we came up with, nobody was able to do for us.”

Moolah Wireless not only gives TSU students access to quality internet but students can also get paid for using the tablet. The company CEO commits to giving 20% of the ad earnings back to its users.

Students can purchase items like Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, and Target gift cards through earned rewards each time they watch an ad from their tablet.

The tablet giveaway event took place on Nov. 30 in the KTSU 90.9FM radio building amongst an audience filled with cheering T.I. fans.

SGA president Dexter Maryland, who hosted the event, passed the microphone to several students with questions. Many voiced their concerns about licensing agreements and the obstacles new artist face.

T.I. shared wisdom with students about the entertainment industry and how he came up as a rap artist.

Reflecting on his journey to stardom, he gave advice to students about believing in themselves and trusting their vision. In addition, T.I. shared his passion for giving back to HBCUs and his plans to continue working with Moolah Wireless to reach more Universities.

Our mission is to provide as many tablets to those in need as possible.

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The Atlanta rapper left with gifts from TSU as a token of appreciation.